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Built right in Farmingdale. Constructed on your property.


Permits are the sole responsibility of the homeowner. Please contact your local town office soon after ordering your shed to determine any restrictions.
Land Quality
Consider all factors when choosing your site, including proper drainage, firmness of earth, etc.
Shed site must be located at least 3 feet from any fences, trees, etc. Please remove tree branches, brush, or other obstacles 3 feet around the perimeter and 12 feet above the ground.
Land Grade
There should be less than a 6-inch slope with no protruding rocks or stumps.
Clear access to site is necessary. Stairs, narrow walkways, fences, awnings, etc., may present difficulties and should be brought to our attention prior to delivery.
Shed Site
The shed site should be 150 feet or less from where a truck can park.

* An additional fee may be charged if any of the above requirements are not met, or if our crew must return because the customer is not prepared to receive the shed. Please bring issues to our attention in advance.

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